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Gida ProfumiNiche Perfumery in Italy

Gida Profumi arose out of an olfactory project envisioned and conceived by Daniele Passera and Giuseppe Sorci, where passion and expertise go hand in hand.
For them, the perfumery has always been a source of research; a product should both encapsulate and transmit its origins.

Exclusive Distributions

Place des Lices

It all began in the late nineties in the stunning location of Saint Tropez, a melting pot of the smells, flavours and colours typical of Provençal tradition, and the source of inspiration for the brand Place des Lices, which takes its name from the market square of the same name.
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Farmacia SS.Annunziata

In subsequent years, the project continued in Florence, the craddle of italian history and culture and home to prestigious perfumers. For Farmacia SS.Annunziata since 1561, a historic italian brand, they created a line of fragrances that took the name of Farmacia Parfum.
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Sinfonia di Note

During those years, Gida collaborated with top-level companies, including perfume testers of international standing, which fuelled new ideas for new project. This gave rise to the brands Sinfonia di Note, a symbol of the union of perfume and music, where every note harks back to past experiences…
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In House Fragrances

… and In House Fragrances, design objects for furnishing and perfuming any room, where fragrance becomes home perfume.
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Gida Profumi Boutiques

Milano Marittima Shop

Viale Romagna, 97, 48015 Milano Marittima, RA
Phone: +39 0544 993233

Opening Time
Monday Closed
Tuesday 15:30-19:30
Wednesday 10:00–13:00, 15:30-19:30
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Friday 10:00–13:00, 15:30-19:30
Saturday 10:00–13:00, 15:30-19:30
Sunday 10:00–13:00, 15:30-19:30
Open on all holidays except at Christmas

Turin Shop

Via Andrea Doria 4bis, 10123 Torino
Phone: +39 011 454 6203

Opening Time
Monday 15:30-19:30
Tuesday 10:00-14:00, 15:30-19:30
Wednesday 10:00–14:00, 15:30-19:30
Thursday 10:00–19:30
Friday 10:00-14:00, 15:30-19:30
Saturday 10:00–19:30
Sunday Closed